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Schooner tavern

music jam

Sunday evenings 7:00pm-10:30pm

Schooner Tavern Music Jam is one of the longest-running jams in the twin cities area and after a short break due to covid 19, the jam is back and in full swing. Schooner Tavern Music Jam prides itself on being an open platform for all levels and types of musicians to participate in or just hang around and enjoy watching others play.


We provide guitar rigs, bass rig, drum kit, and P.A. We do ask that musicians bring their own instruments and drumsticks, and treat the gear with the same respect as your own.

The Jam starts promptly at 7 pm and the host group will play a few songs to get things warmed up and start bringing musicians up to play. The number of musicians varies from night to night but we always suggest getting here early to sign up, this ensures a spot on a list that can become very long towards the end of the evening, and if it's short the possibility of playing again. If you do arrive later in the evening we cannot always guarantee the opportunity to participate depending on the list.

The hosts may vary but they all have many years of performance experience and enjoy working with players of all levels and hold valuable knowledge for even a seasoned player.

Many professional and currently touring musicians have got their start playing at open music stages, and If you have not been to one or participated yet It's time to get down to the Schooner Tavern Music Jam!


Pics of jams past, to always be remembered in the future!

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